Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Germany has now called Twitter's decision to block President Trump "Problematic". That's leftist speech for "I don't like what you did." If even the European left sees a problem... this could be bad for Jack Dorsey.

@mike I'm super excited to talk about Tech and Politics and hope I don't offend!

When I heard about Trumps ban on Twitter, I wasn't sure how to take it at first. Currently, I'm of the mindset that Twitter should be allowed to censor whomever/whatever they want as they are a private company. Starting from an agreed standpoint that everyone is entitled to free speech, I'm not sure that gives you protection from social media platforms if they deem your conduct unacceptable / ban you on a whim.

@cuken The issue is however they want to spin it Twitter and FB are now media companies. If you start fact-checking or tagging media as false then you are proving news content and should be held to the same laws and other media firms and actually higher. Social media is how most people communicate these days even in times of disaster. What if there was a natural disaster in Florida and Twitter removed the tweets because they don't like Florida. It's going down the same rabbit hole.

@mike I understand where you are coming from. I guess I would follow with two things. If you treat them as a media company, and take the possibility that rampant voter fraud did not occur (I’m not saying it did or didn’t just giving a hypothetical), Then as a media company they have a responsibility to stop the spread of harmful disinformation.

@mike Secondly: I’m not sure you can label Twitter as a media company. If I created a Wordpress site they became hugely popular, would Wordpress be responsible for verifying my content as I posted it?

If this mastodon instance suddenly had a massive influx of users would it fall on you to manage it to the FCC standard because it become a source for many?

If Twitter was funded and hosted by tax payers dollars I would agree. But being successful doesn’t change that your a private company.

@cuken maybe we should attempt to start a open source voting system and see who joins if anyone lol

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