Firefighters were relieved to learn it was just the engines running... #RussianNavy 🤣

@joelpollak: "If we’re going to arrest people for 'disinformation about the 2016 election,' then the whole Democratic Party belongs in prison. Especially you-know-who."

#Obamagate #DOJ #1Am #politicalspeech #memes

(H/T @Cernovich RT )

@IDENG I'm think going to happen other than a big show put on by the Dems to have more excuses to attack Republicans.

@cuken maybe we should attempt to start a open source voting system and see who joins if anyone lol

@cuken The issue is however they want to spin it Twitter and FB are now media companies. If you start fact-checking or tagging media as false then you are proving news content and should be held to the same laws and other media firms and actually higher. Social media is how most people communicate these days even in times of disaster. What if there was a natural disaster in Florida and Twitter removed the tweets because they don't like Florida. It's going down the same rabbit hole.

@cuken Not if you run two copies. The offline one and online one. Say like every few hours you take a copy of the offline and physically move it online where voters can see. You count the offline copy but that allows the data to be updated and verified with the online. Hacking the online copy will do no good.

Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Germany has now called Twitter's decision to block President Trump "Problematic". That's leftist speech for "I don't like what you did." If even the European left sees a problem... this could be bad for Jack Dorsey.

@Zaros so i saw there is a no agenda instance and one or two others that are not left

As expected, Trump has been impeached again as of about 30-40 minutes ago. All dims and 10 repubs voted yes.


Every R that goes along with this ended their political career. Let's remind the Senators what fucking time it is... Incase they forgot.

The voting systems should be moved to blockchain. This would create a provable mathematical audit trail. Combined that with using your SSN and a unique ID from the voter registration. You would have proof of every valid vote.

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